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The Trebuline stair is an own production from our company.

A stair is the connection from a upper floor to a lower floor …normally, but…

some stairs can more.

We would like to convince you by presenting our Trebuline space-saving stair. Our Trebuline stair responds to your special living preferences more than other space-saving stairs, because …

  • can be adapted to the height between floors
  • the steps keep horizontal all over the time
  • the stair width can be adjusted and shortened individually according to your wish
  • it can be designed individually
  • it is fabricated out of high-quality materials, like 40mm thick beechwood, and respective stainless steel instead of the mostly used powder-coated steel
  • it can be added to every living ambience, even to modern and lucent furniture, because of its light, but still stable architecture
  • its balustrades can be demounted easily without huge effort, in case of carrying wide object from one floor to another

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